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If you ask the two-headed monster known as Moorhead&Benson directly, they’ll say they met on Craigslist. The truth is that they interned together and realized they each had 15 years of DIY filmmaking experience – and between the two of them have the self-contained capacity to make movies as writer, producer, director, cinematographer, editor, and VFX artist. When they teamed up they made Resolution, the critically-acclaimed sleeper hit that took the Tribeca Film Festival and the international festival circuit by storm in 2012. Their second feature, Spring, bowed at Toronto in 2014, which amplified their previous critical success, and landed them on Variety’s 10 Directors to Watch in 2015 list. As for life goals, Justin aspires to own a large dog; Aaron aspires to own a medium-sized dog, like a corgi.


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