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Bristol, UK

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Born in Italy, based in Bristol (UK), Aner Andros is an eclectic sound designer, non-musician and producer, who loves to improvise, both in the studio compositional process and in the live shows, to draw soundscapes into a story or simply relaxing moods; in the making of musical trips. His live shows, usually created from scratch for the specific live or tour, result in a different auditory experience that might not be reflecting a particular album.

Sound design wise, he can adapt to the requirements of the customer, whilst maintaining a signature and style; offering a professional point of view with a constant communication and the constant engagement of the customer, throughout the whole creative process.

Member of two collectives: Mi.S.Fu. (creative laboratories and musicians) and Sleep Collective (dedicated to sleeping concerts).


Mostly self-taught, he attended courses at SAE Institute of Milan (Italy), achieving both Electronic Music Production and Sound Design certificates in the year 2012/2013. Aner Andros would love to attend the Sound Design course at VFS in Canada.

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