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The Story behind the Foundation:

Founders David and Joyce Moore both born and raised in Johnson County, KS (1944-45), attended the same Shawnee-Mission North High School and got Married in 1966. Saved by the Grace of God in 1969, attending several different mainline denominations due to moving around the state of Kansas. Knowing retirement could be effective in 2002 and with Missions always being a call in our lives, it was just a matter of time finding the right cause for us.

After visiting Thailand in January of 2002 and interviewing several missionary efforts, we knew what Jesus said this was for us: "The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me because He anointed Me to preach the Gospel to the Poor. He has sent Me to proclaim the Release to the Captives and Recovery of sight to the Blind. To set free those who are Downtrodden and Proclaim the Favorable Year of the Lord". After the Sex Slave Children of Thailand was revealed to us, Christ spoke again to our hearts and asked us these questions: “If I give you this ministry, How Hard Will you Fight? How Much will you Risk?" Will you set at Liberty the Captive and Protect these Abused Orphans in my name to the Glory of God the Father?"

Founders David and Joyce Moore are commited to Thailand for life - Starting in October 2002. This is a Evangelical Ministry.


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