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  1. My Crazy Passion

    by ABC Open joined

    202 Videos / 219 Members

    Explore the unusual hobby or wacky obsession of someone in your community in a short video. Many people have hobbies and personal projects they enjoy, but for some people these are more than just…

  2. Me & Mine

    by ABC Open joined

    83 Videos / 56 Members

    Stories celebrating unique family ties among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. Whether you're in the city or the bush, there are many aspects of identity, shared experience…

  3. Video postcards

    by ABC Open joined

    485 Videos / 385 Members

    A great postcard doesn't just say, 'Wish you were here', it tells a story about where you are, what you're doing and what is special or interesting to you. A video postcard captures…

  4. Day in the Life

    by ABC Open joined

    221 Videos / 194 Members

    What does one day tell you about a person and their life? This project invites you to make a short video exploring someone's life through the story of one day. Using a combination of techniques,…

  5. 110%

    by ABC Open joined

    274 Videos / 235 Members

    This video project captures the passion of people who give 110% to their sport. They might be local skateboarding legend, an 80 year old mountain biker, an obsessive marathon runner, or the cricket…

  6. Aftermath

    by ABC Open joined

    64 Videos / 19 Members

    The first few months of 2011 saw Australia experience some of the worst natural disasters on record. Floods in southern Queensland stole lives and devastated large parts of the state, while further…

  7. Water is...

    by ABC Open joined

    99 Videos / 111 Members

    What does water mean to you? Share your thoughts and stories about the important role of water in your life as a photo and text or audio slideshow. For more ABC Open projects: open.abc.net.au/​projects

  8. Artist by Artist

    by ABC Open joined

    20 Videos / 15 Members

    Short video documentaries about artists, by artists, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Queensland Arts Council. Project Partner: www.qac.org.au For more ABC Open projects: open.abc.net.au/​projects

  9. My Anzac Day

    by ABC Open joined

    14 Videos / 8 Members

    An ABC Open Activity My Anzac Day is a series of short videos that explore what Anzac Day means to regional Australians. From returned soldiers to prisoners of war, widows to grandchildren, My…

  10. One Small Window

    by ABC Open joined

    475 Videos / 323 Members

    One Small Window is project which invites you to make a short video, recorded in one shot that details a moment in life. Submit a raw video between 30 and 60 seconds and tell the story behind these…

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