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  1. Video postcards

    by ABC Open joined

    485 Videos / 387 Members

    A great postcard doesn't just say, 'Wish you were here', it tells a story about where you are, what you're doing and what is special or interesting to you. A video postcard captures…

  2. Blue Reels

    by ABC Open joined

    6 Videos / 7 Members

    Blue Reels is a project where Forth Valley Festival blues musicians and local Tassie filmmakers work together to produce video clips. The tiny village of Forth (population 368) swells to over 5000…

  3. Tassie Two Step

    by ABC Open joined

    44 Videos / 18 Members

    Tassie Two Step is a community video project about the meaning of dance for the people of North West and West Coast of Tasmania. Stories are being gathered from a wide variety of people, from…

  4. Somewhere In Between

    by ABC Open joined

    8 Videos / 3 Members

    If you're a teenager and living in Eurobodalla, NSW, you are invited to learn skills in digital storytelling with this audio slideshow project. Through a series of local workshops you'll…

  5. The Illawarra Sound Profile Project

    by ABC Open joined

    7 Videos / 5 Members

    A region can be defined as much by sound as landscape. The Illawarra Sound Profile project will collect audio from the ranges to the sea, tracing a geographical path and building a portrait of our…

  6. Aftermath

    by ABC Open joined

    64 Videos / 19 Members

    The first few months of 2011 saw Australia experience some of the worst natural disasters on record. Floods in southern Queensland stole lives and devastated large parts of the state, while further…

  7. One Small Window

    by ABC Open joined

    475 Videos / 323 Members

    One Small Window is project which invites you to make a short video, recorded in one shot that details a moment in life. Submit a raw video between 30 and 60 seconds and tell the story behind these…

  8. WxSW

    by ABC Open joined

    37 Videos / 17 Members

    Unearthed artists from the Ballarat and South West districts in Victoria have been teamed with local filmmakers to produce a series of video clips in our first triple j/ABC Open collaboration. ABC…

  9. My Anzac Day

    by ABC Open joined

    14 Videos / 8 Members

    An ABC Open Activity My Anzac Day is a series of short videos that explore what Anzac Day means to regional Australians. From returned soldiers to prisoners of war, widows to grandchildren, My…

  10. Moment Behind the Photo

    by ABC Open joined

    776 Videos / 264 Members

    Find a personal photo from your own collection that has a great story behind it. Maybe you vividly remember the moment it was taken, or what was happening outside the frame; or maybe there is something…

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