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professional video platform.

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The story behind the screen.

In 2004, we created a place for creative pros to beautifully and easily show off their work.

We called it Vimeo.

And as the years went on, we continued to evolve. We were the first to support HD video. We acquired innovative companies like VHX, Livestream, and Magisto. And we launched a host of new products: from Vimeo Create → to our For Hire marketplace →

Today, Vimeo is much more than a viewing destination. It's a start-to-finish video platform, giving creators everything they need to make and market amazing, impactful videos.

Video for every venture.

Whatever you’re working on, Vimeo has the tools to get it done.

A culture of community.

Vimeo serves a global community — from award-winning filmmakers to popular fitness gurus and everything in between. We’re proud to show it off wherever and whenever we can.

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