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  1. Installations

    by Justin Lincoln

    2,436 Videos 840 Members

    changed from video installations. Let's include sound installations and whatever else might fit in the installation category.

  2. German / Deutsch

    by Stefan

    2,302 Videos 513 Members

    A group for Vimeo's German speaking users and videos which are also in German. Eine Gruppe für Deutsche. ^^

  3. Cities In Minutes

    by Chris Kennedy

    2,126 Videos 1,209 Members

    Cities In Minutes is a global project that showcases individual cities in minutes utilizing TIME LAPSE photography. This group page is intended for any questions you many have regarding the Cities…

  4. good music video combinations

    by Brett Mullinix

    2,046 Videos 498 Members

    Where music and video work really well together, no fighting.

  5. LOL FTW

    by Goshdarn

    1,923 Videos 627 Members

    A funny place to be. Do you have a quirky, peculiar and sometimes twisted sense of humour? Share this 'talent' with others right here!

  6. Film School - Filmmaking

    by Tommy Rodriguez

    1,919 Videos 26.1K Members

    http://tommyrodriguezfilms.com/ Learn everything you need to know to make your movies, videos or audiovisual projects here in the Cinemacuteo free Film School. 6/19/2008 Join this new community…


    by Shai Levy

    1,896 Videos 434 Members

    All about this beautiful, ever changing city and how it inspires you! Feel free to mix in audio and stills too.

  8. Vimians

    by PEIKA

    1,875 Videos 436 Members

    Old school and new users welcome, as long as you are Vimian.

  9. Germany

    by Christian Thorge Schmidt

    1,863 Videos 213 Members

    All about Germany

  10. URBNMKT x Street x Lifestyle

    by URBNMKT

    1,831 Videos 665 Members

    = Fashion, Entertainment, Art, Design

  11. @MographSpain

    by THFLW

    1,668 Videos 1,373 Members

    Motion Graphics, Nuke, Compositing, VFX, CG, AE, C4D, Particles, Render... Exclusive Club

  12. Video Installations

    by Michael Spencer

    1,630 Videos 587 Members

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