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Abraham Hurtado has collaborated with numerous artists and companies at national and international level. In his own work he explores the notions of presence and space, the multiplicity of contexts and possible arrangements of the public and how they affect the perception/reception of projects. In recent years he has been involved in various projects in which he has constantly asked himself questions like: What should be the nature of representation? How can the body overcome the boundaries of thought? To what extent can we represent mental states though bodily performance? How do the presence of the body, memory states and loss of memory take place? Dead bodies: the space between death and life. Thinking about stillness as motion, hallucination, internal movements, virtual and real worlds, fiction. The internal structure of performance, how to produce a character from the materialisation of an idea, a feeling that functions as a guide. There is a hidden structure that pulls everything together, a fluctuation of body language, speech, movement, interpretation and psychological tension. All in search of a new language

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