Abraham Lim

Seoul, South Korea and US

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Filmmaker/MPE 700 Editors Guild/Graduated NYU Tisch MFA.

Sundance, Tribeca, Los Angeles, Hamptons, Silverlake, Cinequest, Pusan, Bucheon, Manheim-Heidelberg, Taiwan Asia Pacific, India International, Phoenix Comic Con, Toronto Reel World, Cinemanila Film Festivals.

Learned my chops in NY and LA, now working and experiencing life in Korea and China. Shot my last film with the HV30/Letus combo, shot last year with the Canon 5dmk2 and sold it this year to work with the Panasonic GH2 and Vitaliy Kiselev's PT hack.

For 2013 I am the proud owner of the BT Red One MX. Looking forward to mastering the camera and shooting in a new land; China.

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  • Wisho: We share - A place to get feedback on your rough cuts and script by an international community of media artists.


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