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Dave Ackels is a filmmaker, cinematographer and director from Dayton, OH. He got his start by documenting friends for skateboard videos,
shooting and editing them to create final productions released on VHS tapes. From skateboard videos to work on Academy Award-nominated films,
Ackels has spent the past 23 years filming, editing, directing and producing an impressive and experimental body of work.

Ackels continues his tradition of experimentation with his current web series, "Absorb," which is an ongoing project of following and documenting local
skateboarders, their lives and their amazing abilities. This growing collection of online videos offers an unique, insider's perspective to a culture and lifestyle that
very few people are able to experience first-hand. Ackels shoots the "Absorb" series on small, inexpensive handheld digital cameras, forgoing the latest
and greatest HD technology in exchange for a more gritty realism. Literally being able to 'point and shoot' allows him to capture shots immediately
and without being invasive. The result is an honest, genuine series of documentaries that tell the lives of these skateboarders in ongoing, short films.

Ackels has directed films for companies such as Oakley Sunglasses, Element Skateboards and filmed for projects by MTV and DC Shoes. He was also
an assistant editor on the Oscar-nominated short film documentary, "The Last Truck," He is a two-time recipient of the Miami Valley Artist Fellowship. In 2012 Dave was awarded the FilmDayton innovation award.


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