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In 2001 John started working with Passion Pictures on music videos for the likes of Coldplay, The Offspring and Radiohead, winning multiple awards including 2 MTV Video Awards. He started collaborating with with Sound Films in 2005 when he wrote and directed a short film titled 'Hibernation' which won over 20 international awards and has screened in over a thousand cinemas worldwide.

While continuing to create award winning work at Passion Picture John was approached to write and direct a film for 104 Films/Channel 4 on disability theme. 'Paraphernalia' went on to win Best Drama at the biggest short film festival in the world (L.A. Short film festival 2010).

Following the success of his short films John was asked to direct 'Magic' a half hour comedy drama for Channel 4 staring Jane Horrocks and has just completed filming of his first feature film 'The Beat Beneath My Feet' staring: Luke Perry, Lisa Dillon and introducing Nicholas Galitzine with music from the likes of Dave Grohl, The Strypes and John Fairhurst. The Film was nominated for the Crystal Bear at the Berlin Film Festival 2015.

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