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ACAB collective based in Melbourne, is Zinzi Kennedy and Ben Johanson. ACAB was founded after graduating from Honours of Fine Art at Monash University.

The collective has since been exhibiting throughout artist run initiatives and visual art festival nationally, primarily producing large-scale multimedia installations which reinvents locally sourced materials through accumulation, manipulation and transformation. ACAB’s work engages in an ecological dialogue surrounding ideologically and socially formed perceptions of nature and technology. Installations and more finite sculptural works attempt to both re-present and synthesize elements drawn from interventions in abandoned sites whilst exploring the environmental questions inherent in those actions. Working in collaboration offers ACAB an alternative means of artistic production, which underpins the role of the viewer in the production of meaning in the artwork.

ACAB collective toured nationally with the Rave Cave of Psychotropic Nightmares showing at Kings ARI (VIC), At The Vanishing Point (NSW) and as part of Brisbane Festival's Under The Radar 2012 program. In 2012 ACAB exhibited works at Platform (VIC), NG Gallery (NSW), exURBAN screen festival (VIC) and the Chippendale Beams Festival (NSW), ending the year with being awarded the Substation Contemporary Art Prize People’s Choice Award. In 2013 ACAB was selected to be part of SafARI Festival 2014 and has recently presented new work for Five Walls (VIC) and New Low (VIC).

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