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Epping, Essex

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Graham Lewis
Achtung Media Ltd

Achtung Media Ltd is an ideas factory of a production company. From features to programme formats, we bring over 20 years of broadcasting experience and expertise to your company. Specialising in TV, Radio and Web content Production. We can make it happen with our extensive contacts and partners in sport, music, film and entertainment. Achtung Media Ltd is your one-stop shop in Broadcasting production.

Based in Epping, West Essex, I have worked within the TV industry for over 12 years. Before that I was a Graphic Designer working in the City of London.

My broadcasting career began at Sky Sports, learning the ropes on Goals on Sunday before moving on to the Live OBs of Super Sunday and Monday Night Football. My passions of Football, Music and Film, led me to join the Cult Show "Soccer AM". As a VT Producer I polished and honed my skills in both writing and filming. The high point being when I produced the highly successful "The All Sports Show"Podcast series which reached Number 1 in the Sports and Recreation Chart on iTunes.

In January 2014, created Achtung Media Ltd. Currently developing show formats and one off programmes for commission. Incorporating the whole media experience with Apps, websites, social media and more traditional forms of promotion.

We specialise in Multi camera directing on location, scripts for programmes and interviews, planning and costing shoots, liaison skills with both talent and the general public. Sourcing features and specialising in product placement. Continually trying new methods and techniques to push and develop the project further.