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Acid Rain is a series of curated video and film works by emerging artists that are doing interesting things with moving images. Each month we present/broadcast/exhibit one piece, by one artist, on cable access stations in Manhattan, in North Carolina, and on the internet.


  1. Hilary Basing
  2. samantha marie la alta
  3. Mary Helena Clark
  4. ben link collins
  5. Michael Greathouse
  6. David Colagiovanni
  7. Shaun Slifer
  8. Ben Bigelow
  9. Michael Pisano
  10. Chris Cornwell
  11. Michelle Fried
  12. erin womack
  13. Martha Colburn
  14. Jon Clark
  15. Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa
  16. grant hansen
  17. Juan delGado
  18. JD Walsh

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