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Today, Christians and Muslims make up more than half of the world’s population; Islam and Christianity are the fastest growing of the world’s religions. Yet, in too many communities, relationships between these groups are fractured and
often hostile. In a globally interdependent world in which Islam and Muslim–Christian relations are becoming more critical than ever before, we must learn to live together.

The two communities share common religious roots, values, and interests in the 21st century. Understanding what makes us the same, as well as what makes us different, can transcend barriers of prejudice and strengthen our common bonds.

The Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim–Christian Understanding (ACMCU) uses history, international relations, economics, and theology to forge understanding and build trusting, respectful relationships between Muslim and Christian people, societies, and cultures. The Center and its faculty have long-developed, established reputations in building bridges of understanding among political and religious leaders, academics, students, and
members of the media.

Through the work it has done since its establishment in 1993, it plays a pivotal role in working to erase stereotypes and fears that lead to predictions of Islam as the next global threat or of a clash of civilizations between the Muslim world and the West. The Center remains the only academic institution in the United States dedicated to exploring the full spectrum of 14 centuries of political, cultural, historical, and theological interactions between Christians and Muslims. While some promote the language of empire and clash, the Center stands for dialogue, coexistence, and cooperation. As it approaches its 20th anniversary, drawing on the networks of scholars, religious and political leaders, and communities it has established across the world, the Center looks forward to the next decade of realizing its mission at home and abroad.

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