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We promote the health and wellbeing of NSW’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) community. We also provide information, support and advocacy for people living with HIV or at risk of acquiring HIV, including sex workers and people who use drugs.

A lot of our work is related to HIV/AIDS because it’s one of the biggest health issues facing our community.

* We produce HIV prevention and education campaigns
* We assist people living with HIV
* We develop policy across a wide range of HIV-related issues

But our work also covers other health issues such as:

* Sexual health
* Mental health
* Lesbian health
* Alcohol and other drugs
* Anti-violence
* Youth
* Ageing
* Community care
* Advocacy

We’re a community-based non-government organisation. This means the work we do is done in our community, for our community and by members of our community. Most of our funding comes from the NSW Government to help us with our HIV work. Our other work is financed by small grants from the public and private sectors, fundraising activities and donations.

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