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Activio designs and develops groundbreaking systems for training motivation by tapping into the most powerful source of inspiration in the universe: The human heart. By using indvidual heart rates as a guideline, users can pinpoint the perfect exertion levels – regardless of age or training habits. This way, users on all fitness levels can enjoy an highly effective and targeted workout at precisely the right level of intensity.

Activio’s groundbreaking systems give users instant feedback and detailed progress reports – removing the guesswork from training and inserting hard, measurable results. By wearing a uniquely numbered chestbelt during group workout, heart rate data is measured and transmitted wirelessly to a widescreen display, where each user can monitor their heart rate in real time.

Activio uses cutting edge digital technology based on years of academic research and development. Our products are designed from the ground up to deliver extremely accurate data during all sorts of group training. That makes us a preferred choice by both small and large health clubs as well as some of the world’s best athletes.

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