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Los Angeles, CA

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Adam Cerro became interested in filmmaking at the early age of 10. He first began working as a camera operator for a local church where he recorded Sunday mass. In 2008 he graduated from Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts.

While living in Rhode Island, Adam was cinematographer for a documentary on ZUMIX, a community art program located in Boston that teaches teenagers about music and art. Adam was then Director of Photography for the feature length comedy “MAILBOX FAIRY” (Directed by Panos Trikoulis). He then went onto directing several of his own short films, including "THE OFFER", which is currently circulating film festivals in the United States.

Adam's appreciation and passion for filmmaking only led him to make one ultimate decision, to drive 3,000 miles across country to establish himself in the great city of Los Angeles. Since moving to LA, Adam has had the privilege of filming "JIMI LIVES", the Ultimate Jimi Hendrix tribute featuring his younger brother Leon Hendrix.

While striving to perfect his craft and create emotionally compelling films, Adam is always looking to collaborate with aspiring artists in the entertainment industry.

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