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Adam Nichols Russell was born and raised in Connecticut, spent time at Endicott College outside of Boston, lived abroad in Mexico City, and ultimately graduated from the Film and Media Arts program at Temple University in Philadelphia. He has spent over five years immersed in all aspects of the film and television industry in Los Angeles. It is these experiences and perspectives that have shaped how he views the world and its application to filmmaking or storytelling.

After writing, directing and producing, Lucky Day (2007), which screened at various festivals and garnered Best Student Film at the 2008 Connecticut Film Festival, Russell wrote a feature screenplay in 2008 –Charlestown – that was selected as a Top 100 Semifinalist in the 17th International Screenwriting Competition.

Russell is dedicated towards becoming a working writer, having compiled a portfolio of speculative scripts along with exploring his love of poetry by releasing a collection of selected poems “Lost Angles” (2012). This combination of poetic verse, an eye for visual composition and an affinity for the evocative fluidity of original scores, seamlessly lends itself to the collaborative nature of his filmmaking.

2011-20112 - Wrote/Directed/Produced funded short film "For Who I Am" to run in the festival circuit.

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