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Adam Tensta's second album "Scared Of The Dark" is released April 11by EMI/Virgin. The first songs to reach the world is "Like A Punk"and the title track "Scared Of The Dark", which features Billy Kraven.Behind the pseudonym is songwriter and producer Jeff Bhasker.He has previously received attention, in particular for his extensive workwith Kanye West's - 808's & Heartbreak. Together with his right musical hand - Nils Svennem Lundberg, and an in-house team of producers, Adam presents an almost indefinable sound that once again breaks ground in the Swedish and international urban scene.
As the album title "Scared Of The Dark" reveals, much of the newmaterial is rooted in uncertainty about what is to come.The lyrics involve stories about the difficulty of adaptingto the success of his debut album, the loss of friends due to jealousy and his relationship to the absent father. The listener is offered a deeper insight into the problems that can be found in the projects today, and what it is like to live as a modern Swede in today's society.
- The biggest difference between my debut album and Scared Of The Dark is, first and foremost, where I am in life. After my breakthrough I got to see places in both Sweden and the rest of the world that I did not even know existed. I have broadened both my circle of acquaintances and my cultural intake tremendously, which has led to me growing; as a human being, but also as an artist. Somewhere along the way, I have begun to dig into parts of my past I long neglected. The recording of Scared Of The Dark has sometimes functioned as pure therapy sessions. Thoughts that hurt to think about circulate in my head daily. I address many of these for the first time on this album. Not only publicly but also for my family and my friends. It is of course a bit tense to expose yourself like that, but it feels like an inevitable step in my progress.
Since the release of the debut album "It's A Tensta Thing" Adam has traveled around the world and brought dance floors and festivals to their boiling point; from Stockholm to Addis Ababa and Paris to Los Angeles. In 2008, Adam opened up the doors to the world, not only for the Respect My Hustle Management Group, of which he is a part, but also for the Swedish hip hop scene as a whole. The hit single "My Cool" has generated more than 10 million views on YouTube and has appeared on the American TV show Entourage, as well as the video games Tony Hawk Ride and NBA2K. Adam has opened up for artists such as Jay-Z, Youssou N'Dour, Akon, Rick Ross and Rihanna. Besides music, he has actively worked in several organizations to include bullying, trafficking, and alienation.
Adam Tensta is contracted to Respect My Hustle Management Group, EMI/Virgin and Universal Music Publishing Group. The Album "Scared Of The Dark" drops on April 11. For further information, images and videos visit

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