A Dancing Beggar

The South Coast of England, UK

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A Dancing Beggar began in the summer of 2007 and a number of songs followed resulting in the 6 track EP, How They Grow, which was self released in February 2009. The Stool Pigeon described the EP as 'a post rock treat full of warmth and subtlety' and a debut album quickly followed.

What We Left Behind was released later that year and received glowing reviews from a number of national and international publications. The album was awarded a 10/10 review from Subba Cultcha and Notion Magazine described it as 'a wonderful, wordless music that seeks to evoke memories of forgotten summer days'.

Since then, A Dancing Beggar has completed remixes for established artists such as Codes In The Clouds (Erased Tapes) and Franz Kirmann (Photogram Recordings).

Having taken a direction towards a more drone based ambient sound, A Dancing Beggar's new album, Follow The Dark As If It Were Light, will be released in May 2011 via Audiobulb Records.

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