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With an Honours degree in Literature, tertiary training in Drama & Performance, and an Advanced Diploma in Film Production (Directing) under her belt, compulsive perfectionist A. D. is an artist who believes that ART is interdisciplinary and suspects that her calling is in the relentless pursuit of perfection, regardless of the medium. A. D. hopes to build her filmmaking legacy as an auteur with a creative vision and a distinct filmmaking style that is characteristically radical and revolutionary. An incurable colour junkie for whom colour is an indispensable vehicle for artistic expression, she is thankful for that other X chromosome that spared her from genetically-destined colour-blindness. FALLING INTO FUCHSIA, which won a bronze award at the 2004 Crowbar Awards, is considered her first colour-inspired short film. Her second, entitled SUBSTITUTE, has travelled to various international film festivals, and received an Honourable Mention in 2009 for Best International Short at the International Festival of Cinema & Technology in Los Angeles.

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