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I started making films when I was 12 years old. At the time I had to edit my films using 2 VHS players cutting tape to tape. This is where my passion for editing kicked in and my appreciation of how important its place in the production of film/video content really is. It is why I work in Post Production now.

I have worked at various Post Houses, Production Companies and Advertisement Agencies in the Post-Production department. I am versed in Avid, Final Cut Pro as well as various other software and hardware used in Post.

I am a director alongside my brother Tom and we run 'Chambers Bros Productions'. We have created Music Videos, Promos, After-Videos and a variety of Corporate Work together.

I have directed and produced a number of Short Films and Music videos. My most successful music video has reached over 14million views on Youtube.


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  1. A great little window into what the people who work in the film industry are like. Not enough profile films are like this, well done a great short film!