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Lou Congelio

Lou is the founder and head creative guy at ACME Fish. He's been in the ad business for quite a while now and has worked at a few great agencies like McCann Erickson, W.B. Doner and STANANDLOU to name a few.

His work has won a lot of praise and awards along the way. Despite working at different agencies and with many different clients through the years, two simple words have always guided and pervaded Lou's work: Creative. Results.

These two simple words define what Lou and ACME Fish are all about. They are not mutually exclusive nor can you have one without the other; one leads directly to the other.

His creative outlook on life permeates everything he does. He abhors sameness and conformity. He embraces change and new ways of thinking but not at the expense of the brand or results.

Lou handles every project as though he is the client. Nobody is as hard on Lou's work as Lou. He has been known to sacrifice profit for polish. However, he's not completely insane and does require a fair wage for his services.

To put it simply, if you want advertising that stands out and gets noticed; advertising that you can truly be proud of. and, most importantly, gets results, Lou is your guy.

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