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Italian director Alberto DʼOnofrio started his career in 1985
producing and directing “Polyrock live”, a documentary film about American New Wave rock band
Polyrock, for Italian Network RAI 3.
(Salsomaggiore film and tv festival 1985).

In 1991 he moved to Los Angeles and New York for 7 years, producing and
directing prime time investigative documentaries for Italian network RAI such as:

“THE O.J. SIMPSON CASE “ (lenght : 52 minutes)- RAI 2 (Mixer) at 10 p.m.
A behind the scene of the media coverage during the O.J. Simpsonʼs
trial to investigate upon the American media system . Shot in Los Angeles.

“THE UNABOMBER CASE” (lenght : 52 minutes). RAI 2 (Mixer) at
10 p.m. A documentary about the most wanted American serial killer.
Shot in Montana, California , and Colorado.

“GULF WAR SYNDROME” (La Sindrome del
golfo) . (lenght 60 minutes) RAI 3 .
A film-documentary about the mysterious illness of
Gulf war veterans and their children .
Shot in military camps in Washington, California,
Texas, Tennessee .
(Selected at 59ma Mostra del cinema di
Venezia-2002 / Doc Exchange festival 2001
Copenaghen / Encontros internacional du cinema
2001 Portugal)-

In 1997 he founded his own production company
D.N.A. international with Alessandra Ugolini in Rome and he started to
create,produce and direct his own documentary series.
His career includes :

“OLTRE LA NOTTE” (NIGHT MOVES ) (1997-1999) - (RAI 3) -
Documentary series- 10 episodes 52
minutes each : an underground nightlife
profile of different cities and people
double personalities.
Shot in New York , Amsterdam , Las
Vegas, Berlin, Budapest, Lisbon, London, Miami, New Orleans.
(broadcasted on RAI 3) at 11.30 p.m.
(Bellaria film festival 1999 - ANTENNACINEMA Padova film festival 1999)-

“POPSTAR” (2001) a daily docusoap about a new Italian girls band.
40 episodes (ITALIA 1-Mediaset) -

“CANTO DEL BARGELLO”-2002- (lenght 35 min.)- Rai
educational / Rai 1 /Ministero dei beni culturali.
A documentary about the Renaissance period in Florence,
following the history of one of the most important Italian
museum : il Bargello.

“MARCEL-LI”, THE FLESH ROBOT” -2003-(lenght 60
minutes) (Cult network Italia).
A documentary about the biography of Marcel-lì
Antunez Roca, co-founder of Spanish avantgarde
performance group “Las Fura dels Baus”.-
Shot in Berna, Rotterdam and Barcelona.
Selected at 60ma Mostra del cinema di Venezia, /
Jeonju international film festival (Korea)-
Distribuited by Journeyman pictures (England) and
Dolmen home video Italy-

2005 productions:

“DJʼS TRIP”- a 10 episodes documentary series
about DJʼs profiles - Cult Network Italy (SKY)-
Featuring : Claudio Coccoluto, Alex Neri, DJ Ralf,
Stylophonic, DJ Lottie, DJ Ter, José Padilla, +
One night at Manumission and Loving Ibiza. Shot
in Ibiza, London and in Italy.
Home video distribution by Mikado.

“IL CAPITANO” - documentario 60 min.
(broadcasted on Rai 1)
Giacinto Facchettiʼs biography, one of the best italian
soccer player. Shot in Italy.
(Mostra del cinema di Venezia, giornate degli autori (2007).

“PELLE” (Skin) (docu-soap) 20 episodes,
48 minutes each: 60 characters between
15 and 40 years old telling about their
sexual and love experience.
(ALL MUSIC 2007). Shot in Italy.
A 90 minutes version ( documentary film)
has been distributed in DVD by italian
newspapers Repubblica and LʼEspresso.

A 12 documentaries series about eroticism in Italy from a
social point of view. CULT (FOX). Shot in Italy.
( Roma fiction fest 2008 ) + “EROTIKA ITALIANA
directorʼs cut” (90 minutes).

2009 : “Il VOLO DI EDOARDO”, a documentary about
Edoardo Agnelliʼs suicide (his father was the famous
and powerful italian business man Gianni Agnelli ).
Shot in Italy.
“Grand prix Italia festival”. (broadcasted on RAI 2)

2010 : “DJ STORIES” (Dee Jay TV)-
A 12 documentary series about some of the most important international DJs (Bob
Sinclar, Luciano, Ellen Allien, Marco Carola, Albertino, Ralf, Crookers, Little Louis
Vega, Frankie Knucles, Miss Kittin, Cassius, Loco Dice. (Prime time). Shot in

2011 : “TAMARREIDE” (docusoap).
A 7 episodes series about 8 “wild guys and girls” touring
Italy on a sleeping bus. Shot in Italy.
Italia 1 (Mediaset)- Prime time

“IO E LEI” (me and her) - short movie about
the double life of a man.
Starring Marcello Mazzarella. Produced by
Sony Ericsson. Shot in Italy.

Features in development:
“I love Berlin”. (dark comedy)
Screenplay by Alberto DʼOnofrio-Set in Berlin

Tv miniseries in development:
“The sound of silence”
Set in Florence, Berlin, New York

Alberto is represented by Valerio Bettoni, c/o Studio Bettoni, via Barberini 29-00187
Roma tel.06-4820663 / fax 06-4827513

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