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User Bio | Christie Cordes - CEO and Founder : Retained Talent Consultancy: specializing in helping our client Ad Agencies USA | EU | ASIA

Senior Digital Art Director
(South East, Oceanfront)
Fortune 50 client brands

Senior Flash Designer and Mid Level Flash Designer
(South East, Oceanfront)
Famous Youth Brand/ cutting edge digital

Digital Strategic Planner
Global Luxury Brands*
(Orange County, CA)

Junior Digital Designer
(South East)
1 to 2 years of experience and Gifted College Grad's

Senior Web Analyst (Google Analytics Expert)
* Potential of Director of Analytics Role
Client Facing - Collaborative - Mentoring skills

DIGITAL Senior Copywriter
*Fortune 50 digital branding portfolio Req
5/7 years reports directly into one of the Best Digital Art/ECD's in the country
SoCal : Collaborative Culture : Conceptually Gifted

Interactive Senior Account Supervisor
(Digital Ad Agency exp. 5/8 years)
SoCal/Orange County

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