Adrian Borsoi

Valenciennes (FR)

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MOTIVATE / Overcome an obstacle is stimulating
CURIOUS / A knowledge is a new playing field
FEARLESS / Never say, "I can’t…"
ENTHUSIAST / Hunger for everything need me
HUMAN PASSIONATE / Designing lives is my way of life

That is five characteristics that define me, but it’s not all. Life is complex, life need stimulation to be enjoyable so I keep for me some another characteristics which define me in order to keep some pleasant surprises. I look forward to meeting you.

Just before you need to know that I’m fascinated by power of creation,
I think that Design is a way to influence World in order to change something somewhere.

Design is based on reaction to a fundamental problem. Whatever are the problem, it’s always an opportunity to change something somewhere.

I look forward to see you.

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