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Adrian Davis is an internationally recognized speaker and the President of Whetstone Inc.; a management consulting firm that works with chief executives and business owners to build cohesive, client-driven organizations. As a result of working with Adrian, his clients experience a greater demand for their goods and services and an enhanced ability to provide their customers with greater value.

Adrian has earned a reputation for delivering insightful and exhilarating keynotes and workshops. As an expert in sales and corporate strategy, he is frequently called upon to speak on successful business design in the new economy, and to advise senior leadership teams and sales groups on the subjects of corporate strategy, sales strategy and relationship management.

Unlike traditional sales consultants or trainers, Adrian does not treat sales as a separate department, but rather as a unifying corporate culture or way of life. His strength lies in aligning corporate strategy with customer facing strategies to increase profitability.

With over 20 years of experience in professional selling, Adrian has been successful in the trenches and understands what it takes to fully engage experience in the field informs his role as a corporate strategist.

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