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I’m a 22-year-old student currently living in the city of Toronto. In September 2015, I'll be starting my fourth and final year of Film Studies at Ryerson University's School of Image Arts. I’m extremely passionate about making movies, and of course watching them. Everything about the filmmaking process excites me, from pre-production all the way to post.

I really enjoy writing for the screen, directing, filming, as well as editing for picture and sound. I’m in the process of starting my own film and video production company, Piro Pictures, named in honour of my late high school communications technology teacher, Gianfranco Piro. He was a great influence, inspiration and strong reason why I’m so passionate about filmmaking!

I love getting involved in all sorts of projects: short and feature films, anniversary and wedding videos, commercials, live events, music videos and more. If it involves a camera, count me in! I’m passionate, dedicated and extremely hardworking; when given the opportunity, I work closely with my clients to ensure quality content is produced that best meets their desires. I’ve worked on a variety of projects so far, and continue to get involved both in and out of film school.

When I graduate in 2016, I hope to continue working in the field, with the experience and knowledge I’ve gained, and eventually find a more permanent place in the film industry. I’m excited for the opportunities and experiences that are ahead of me, and looking forward to a future in motion pictures!

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