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ADRIAN MARWITZ offers top-quality eyewear featuring extraordinary designs, titanium frames and first-class manufacturing processes – handmade in Germany to give you excellent eyewear that completes the perfect look.

The Marwitz name has been synonymous with fashionable eyewear since 1918. First created by his grandfather, ADRIAN MARWITZ has guided the brand into the new millennium with his passionate belief that eyewear is the ultimate fashion accessory.

The impetus for ADRIAN MARWITZ to form his own brand vision was a brush with death while flying. Thanks to the pilot’s skill, all of the passengers escaped shaken but unhurt. And for ADRIAN MARWITZ, the experience made him all the more determined to turn his dream into reality.

Today you can find ADRIAN MARWITZ’s unique eyewear in selected specialist outlets. The contrasting stripes on the hinges and inner frame make all the different styles instantly recognizable.

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