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  1. Videos Deserving More Views

    by Adriano Cirulli subscribed to

    4 Videos / 1 Follower

    Dedicated to videos that deserve a lot more views than they actually have.

  2. Colour Grading

    by Keeper and the Hounds subscribed to

    39 Videos / 11 Followers

    DaVinci Resolve 4k Color Grading Suite.

  3. Long-form Short Films

    by Adriano Cirulli subscribed to

    2 Videos / 1 Follower

    Channel dedicated to long-form short films.

  4. Making-of Channel

    by Adriano Cirulli subscribed to

    2 Videos / 2 Followers

    Channel dedicated to making-of and behind-the-scene videos.

  5. Digital Arts that inspire us

    by Digital Art and Performance subscribed to

    94 Videos / 22 Followers

    Digital Arts @ Arts Centre Melbourne focuses on the richly evocative intersection between performance, film, animation and installation.

  6. Va Voom TV

    by Charlotte Leouzon subscribed to

    2,800 Videos / 384 Followers

    Va Voom TV is an online gallery presenting a selection of creative pieces, visually inspiring and emotionally stimulating. Because sharing is caring... Charlotte Léouzon is an independent…

  7. Animaterra

    by Alexandra T subscribed to

    406 Videos / 863 Followers

    Dig Deeper!

  8. Love Motion

    by Simon Reichenbach subscribed to

    358 Videos / 1,341 Followers

    New Videos around Motion Graphics, Animation or just great moving images.

  9. WeAreDN

    by Directors Notes subscribed to

    4,091 Videos / 8,614 Followers

    The What, How & Why of Independent Filmmaking http://www.directorsnotes.com http://www.facebook.com/DirectorsNotes http://twitter.com/WeAreDN


    by Josue Ibanez subscribed to

    1,875 Videos / 7,626 Followers

    Is about interaction, installation, generative code, motion design and sometimes travel. twitter.com/josue_ibanez Studio: www.cocolab.mx www.facebook.com/cocolabmx www.hotpixel.mx www.facebook.com/hotpixelmx

  11. super8 | 8mm | 16mm

    by Laurent Matthew Perret subscribed to

    931 Videos / 2,145 Followers

    Dedicated to super 8, 8mm and 16 mm films on Vimeo.

  12. Optical GLAMOUR

    by IMAGIMA subscribed to

    523 Videos / 537 Followers

    This channel is a collection of visual and latest technologies. Curated by CHiKA. www.imagima.com

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