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Los Angeles, CA

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I'm a rock & roller, screamer & mic swinger. I also love to act, create pictures, and surround myself with the risk takers - world shakers. I love watching quirky, dark, dry-humored films. I love independent & foreign films. I love watching artists take risks and those that create unique stories. I strive to be that kind of artist everyday.


  1. Stefano Bosso
  2. suki bourquin
  3. thermatedetonator
  4. Kevin Marshall Pinkney
  5. Alan Loayza
  6. elle alexander
  7. Craig Welzbacher
  8. Juli Crockett
  9. pia
  10. jenn bats
  11. Allan Brocka
  12. Paul Losada
  13. Natasha Troop
  14. Jesse Barron
  15. Paul Felix
  16. Kerri Christie
  17. Stephen Collins
  18. Greh Holger

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