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Video and Media Production Company and Social Media service in Taiwan
A video production, on-line media production, TV and film-making and photo studio based in Taiwan, helping companies, services and brands express their respective strengths to the world at large through corporate videos, and TV footage, live streaming events and trade show exposure.
With customers extending from SAP, the Philips Group, Citibank, Ruder Finn, ASUS Tech, Gigabyte, Kye Systems (Genius), Prosieben Sat. TV, Galileo, AimAsia and many others, the Aduzai brand family continues to grow in ability and influence.
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ADUZAI Productions is an established video and media productioncompany based in Taipei, Taiwan. Founded by Westerners who have lived in Taiwan for a number of years.

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Partner Pages: is a website dedicated to improving the image of Taiwan both within Taiwan and abroad. It will introduce via Photos and videos the vast diversity and and majestic places to be found on this history rich island. In addition the videos will cross over to cultural expose’s and talented photographic expressions of never-seen-before places. All the pictures and footage is available for purchasing from the respective photographer or videographer. is a technology related video site, and since tech is an integral part of Taiwan which is responsible for 90% of PC peripherals and tech products around the world. If you are interested in the newest gadgets and gizmos then have a look there.

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