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Adventure Online TV began producing video content in 2004 when the creators were actively racing beach catamarans and preparing for the endurance sailing race, the Tybee 500.

Realizing how unique the experience was to sail small catamarans in the open ocean, yet difficult to capture in words, the Team designed and built a submersible bullet cam system that was programmable, lightweight, and able to withstand five hundred miles of intense salt water environment.

The bullet cam systems were first tested in the Tybee 500 event, and the images were amazing! For the first time, viewers were able to get a glimpse of the exciting life onboard a catamaran as it charges through the surf, rides large ocean swells, and faces the fury of the Atlantic Ocean.

It wasn't long before the camera systems and video production were utilized for other sports and events. On February 1st 2005, the action sports program and website Adventure Online TV was created to showcase these new videos.


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