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Adyashanti teaches about life after enlightenment.

His materials can be bought at dharmacafe dot com at usually $10 per product: please support the author. Watch these as a help to your purchase decision only.

The raising of individual consciousness and the deepening of the individual's heart is the solution for all the global suffering caused by planet-wide, ancient originated conspiracy (as shown by Alex Jones, Jordan Maxwell, Aaron Russo, David Icke, Secharia Sitchin, Alfred Webre, Steven Greer).

For the energy producing, agricultural and transportational technical miracles - shown by the film Our Technical Reality - to become the resolution for our global crises, greed and fear has to be exchanged into consciousness.

The same applies for local exchange trading systems or local currencies, and financial, political, social, educational crises.

No system can be better than its elements.

Even if the leaders of the crises areas don't change, the individual needs to change. Massive awakening causes the current world system to change. That starts with the individual.

The soul comes to Earth to learn their own lesson, not to change anything.

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