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"[...]Le résultat est une construction musicale oscillante, enchevêtrée de textures en tout genre, de sonorités acoustiques, et de bruits concrets. Les rythmiques, douces et les mélodies cristallines superposées font de " Labyrinth " la clef des songes inquiets qui conduisent vers des contrées oniriques et fragiles, parfois angoissées et vaporeuses, des déserts de sable brûlant, des paysages de planète gelée : des narrations sans personnage avec juste un peu de suspens... "

Revue "Octopus" N° 10 - Automne 1999


∞ Aeon delivers a multifaceted approach on sound textures, from a reed can’s breathing waves, to synthesized-electronic programs and pure acoustic tones. The creative activity is both spontaneous and reasoned in order to produce original imaginary universes starting from the sound. Aeon suggests otherworldly and floating soundscapes which rise from the mysterious unknown where notes, sound motives and figures are trying to escape from. Melodious lines, detached, calm and intimately voluptuous orchestrations introduce the listener in a unique space of quietness for the ears, a space of freedom to encourage a fruitful personal imaginary world.

∞ Formed in the early 90s by an italo-french duet (the two sound researchers and classically trained musicians Stephane Rapetti and Alessandro Gadoni), Aeon presented their first opus back in 1999 (signed on the highly acclaimed noise records).

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