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Aerestates Virtual Tours is a video service company that is dedicated towards providing professional real estate videos for the professional realtor in the bay area.
Now more then ever home buyers are utilizing the internet to gather information to help support their
home buying and selling decisions. With the advancements of technology information is at hands reach.
With laptops and smart phones everyone has instant access to new home buying information and they are
taking advantage of it. With the rise of mobile technology smartphones and laptops are becoming the
exclusive tool consumers are using to buy and sell a home. According to the National Association of
Realtors 89% of new home shoppers use a mobile search engine at the onset and throughout their search.
Mobile applications are used 68% of new home shoppers at the onset and throughout their research.
Research also shows that 77% of online searches happen at home 31% at work 28% waiting in line 27% at
restaurants and 26% at other peoples homes. We understand the process of how consumers are utilizing technology to gather information in shopping for a home but most of all we understand the content consumers are gravitating towards in their search for determining there decision on buying a home or determining there decision on who to go to in selling a home. Did you know that 73% of homeowners say they’re more likely to list with a Realtor who offers to create a video for them? According to an Australian Real Estate Group real estate listings that include a video receive 403% more inquiries than those without? Forbes even goes to say that 59% of executives would rather watch a video than read text. It is without a doubt that video is the fastest growing demand
by consumers to gather the information they want in support of their decision in buying and selling a home and our personal favorite Visual content drives engagement. In fact, just one month after the introduction of Facebook
timeline for brands, visual content photos and videos saw a 65% increase in engagement. We at Aerestate provide a unique and exclusive service for realtors. It is our passion to partner with with you the agent to create
exclusive video content that visually expresses the uniqueness of your brand. Our approach is to bring back the awareness that realtors are the gate keepers of their cities. We understand that visually showcasing your listings is the largest part of helping your company grow but we firmly believe that consumers still want a realtor to help guide them in what neighborhood they should live in, what restaurants they should eat at, and of corse what home they should buy. We know this because 86% of people who used video to find a home searched out specific communities first so we tailored our services specifically to allow you the Realtor to be the leading voice in what your future clients are searching for. With the power of video we are now capable of putting you the Realtor into the homes of your future clients instead of waiting for them to find you. We are capable of expressing your passion and love for your communities and city and we are fully capable of doing it in a quality that screams professionalism. With over twenty thousand dollars in equipment, we have invested in the finest of
cameras, lights, and aerial technology that allows us to capture stunning views of your listings and of corse the excitement of what you have to offer as a Realtor. We take pride that we are innovators with endless ideas of how to personally capture the uniqueness of who you as a agent and the way you want to showcase your brand. We work hard to make sure you stand out amongst your competition and that no video looks or feels the same and we are able to accomplish this because of the environment we have produced at our headquarters. Our team thrives off of designing original content that is tailored to the individual Realtor. We guarantee that with the help of our services we can catapult not just your listings into the new and exciting world of Real Estate but we can catapult you the Realtor into the for front of the market with a cutting edge approach that gives consumers no choice but to give you their attention.

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