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At Aerial Filmworks, our passion is enabling creative vision with smart technology, battle-tested expertise, and unwavering support.

We use the newest Cineflex Elite, Cineflex Ultra, and Cineflex V14 systems with ARRI Alexa-XTM, RED Carbon Fiber 6K Dragon, and Sony cameras to produce award-winning imagery. We know Cineflex systems inside and out. Aerial Filmworks is a one-stop-shop with helicopter mounts for any aircraft and the latest recording options. Our ever-expanding arsenal of new tools includes wireless controls, geo-referencing capability, virtual overlays, and remote video transmission.

From rain forests in the Colombian jungle, filming reindeer in the Arctic Circle, or to flying at 24,000 feet on Mt Everest… our team gets the shot.


The Aerial Filmworks team believes in doing our part to maintain a carbon neutral planet. Through a partnership with TerraPass, we purchase carbon offsets for every hour of flight time that our Cineflex equipment is on a helicopter.


Our clients trust our logistics and expertise to travel from small villages in Kenya to the heights of Mount Everest. We are experts at moving gear anywhere in the world! Our international projects include work in Abu Dhabi, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Canada, Colombia, Dubai, Morocco, Ecuador, Guyana, Hong Kong, Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nepal, Costa Rica, Samoa, Serbia, Montenegro, Italy, Kuwait, Oman, and Taiwan. Our full-time staff manages the entire process including travel arrangements, shipping, insurance and carnets.


We have great clients including Sony Pictures, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, Discovery Channel, History Channel, National Geographic, PBS, and the BBC. We have worked on nature documentary projects with Sir David Attenborough, and been cleared by the Secret Service into Washington DC to film the Capitol up close.


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