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On a single day on some sparkling blue beach in the flat of winter some bearded old man is absurdly fixated with having someone shoot an apple off of his head. And every time some young person, who’s been entrusted to help, aims the rifle to gun down an apple they in turn are inexplicably killed. But the old man is unmoved by each subsequent death; he just gracefully wipes the blood from his face and pushes forward with his destructive and seemingly guiltless pursuits---and so the bodies pile up.

Of course, there’s an equally fanatical officer on site to witness and detail each instant of this slaughter, a pill-popping love-interest who’s there to provide the apples and answers to all of the old man’s needs, and a camera crew whose job is to capture every idle narcissistic motion of this frantic man.

But as the day proceeds and the sun sets on this brutal scene, the old man’s delirious objective goes unfulfilled. His anger and frustration merely builds, as he’s only concerned with himself, his motivations, and never the world that envelops him.

However, as the story ensues it becomes unclear as to what’s real and what’s simply a manifestation of this man’s imagination. Is the old man perhaps just standing alone on a beach mechanically placing an invisible apple upon his head? And where is this man? And why are they shooting an apple off his head? Does he even exist? Or is he just buried inside of his own solipsistic mind?

Director/Writer: Brian Kelly
Producer/Editor: Kevin Vale
Cinematographer/Colorist: Robbie Renfrow
Lighting Design: Justin Brewer
Lighting Assistant: Paul Maziatti
Digital Imaging Technician: Patrick Cecilian
Red Camera Technician: Doug Horton

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