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Upstate New York

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Aethyric Productions is a multifaceted group, we make movies, host a couple of radio shows, book concerts, make music videos, interview interesting people, and other random things here and there. We will be adding most if not all of our material to Vimeo.

The Last Exit for the Lost Radio Show

The Metallic Onslaught Radio Show

Music Projects and Other Interviews

Main Site with movies and more

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  1. Paul Kimball
  2. Star Trek Continues
  3. Kaleb Lechowski
  4. JoeRogan
  5. rand courtney
  6. Satanic Mojo
  7. Matthew Lessner
  8. David F. Sandberg
  9. Others
  10. Thane Ahrens
  11. Meka Nism
  12. Metal Blade Records
  13. kathryn mary
  14. cjube.
  15. NUART TV
  16. Whore Church
  17. George Santos
  18. The Thunderbolts Project

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