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AETNEA was born as an open sperimental trio, vanguard "pastiche", aesthetic attempt, which has it's poetic foundation in the overcoming of the nowadays stereotype that wants analog-digital antithesis:
played-not played, presence-absence of the performer, live-not live.
Based as a collective since it's consisting of three founding members and various cohelpers that complete the performing and composing ensemble.
Take away synthesis of very different languages, AETNEA primary objective is the creation of new and coherent essays, not mere musical collages, but personal musical styles or totally new and original ones.

AETNEA takes place from a commune idea of Luca Bajardi, Boris Giuffrida and Enrico Strano during autumn 2009.
Surpassed an old-fashioned approach to rock, metal and electronic music AETNEA collective moves on with new solutions to line-up problems, taking convergent paths through different genres.
After several months from the birth of the project the founding members choose to introduce the idea of a Musical Collective with the cooperation of different musicians, real carriers of the hard composing and executing work.
The result is a mixture of different tastes and feelings, balance by a digital and analog approach.

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