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With a knack for finding the heart and soul of every project, Jason Sotolongo is a passionate and versatile storyteller that can bring an edgy intensity or emotion and warmth to any project.

Since the day Jason could hold a camera in his hand, he’s been directing motion pictures. Throughout his professional career, he’s brought his unique approach for clients such as Spike TV, Samsung, Best Buy, Dupont, Lockheed Martin, ESPN, PBS, T-Mobile and many more.

Early in his career, Jason worked his way up through the industry, learning everything he could about the craft. He then started his Florida based production company, directing spots and brand films, which helped it grow into a successful business. Twelve years later, he took the show on the road, moving out to Los Angeles to continue building his career while pursuing his life-long dream of directing features.

His philosophy is straight forward – keep the complicated simple, make the impossible possible, and make sure it’s fun.

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