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The Official Channel for AGER

A Channel for Crooks. A place for the ILL & Wicked. Disgustingly Beautiful & Violently Sick British HipHop from the London Underground! Support your local Criminal. Hit the videos up like a drunk chick with Daddy issues and Spread that shit like it's STDs haha. Peace

Support REAL Music. Buy these songs @

VIOLENTLY SICK Entertainment is a Music (& the Arts) Publication and Distribution Limited Company, registered through Companies House. All works Published under the company name are registered for PRS & MCPS as well as being logged with individual ISRC codes. ALL work is Copy written, and the rights to Publish are held by Violently Sick ltd.

Long Live Violently Sick entertainment.
Team DeadBeats Forever!

The content comes with a Parental Advisory as at times it can be extremely graphic. You have been Warned!

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