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Aging Supermodel is a feminist artist and activist who appreciates one-piece outfits. She is a founder of the GLITTERfesto movement, which is just getting off the ground. And she is beginning to learn how to make videos.

Aging Supermodel is the Vimeo Channel of writer/performer T.L. Cowan, who performs in a variety of alter-egos, in including Aging Supermodel Lesbian Feminist Revolutionary Radical Experimental Poet, Tammy Pamalovovich, and professional spokeslady, Mrs. Trixie Cane.

My videos are also on YouTube at the mis-spelled channel: trixiekane -

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  • I Disown You Right Back - Download the Personalized Maximum Emotional Pain Payback Postcards and see more about "I Disown Your Right Back" and the extended "Coping" project
  • GLITTERfesto - Read the whole GLITTERfesto


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