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Melbourne Australia

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Super 8 Wiz kid, film director, HD camera operator and editor creating music videos, promo reels, epks, docos and short films.

Recently edited a full length feature music doco; COSMIC PSYCHOS-BLOKES YOU CAN TRUST with Matt Weston from Syndicate Films. A MIFF entrant now touring the country and about to head to USA.

Developing honest and exciting music videos, short films and promotional reels.

Client history includes; 360/Gossling, Cosmic Psychos, The Spirit, King Cannons, Yung Warriors, Melbourne City Council, Mushroom Music Group, Purina, Garnier, Kate Alexa, Harry Hookey, The Drones, Gyroscope, King Cannons, Ricki-Lee, One Dollar Short, Spazzys, The Nation Blue, Nikki Jensen, Dj Dexter, Stonefield, Red Ink, Michael Paynter, Alie Picken, 28 Days, Something For Kate, Garnier, Calvin Klein, Adidas, Wizard Home Loans, Purina, City Of Whittlesea, Blacklevel Embassy, Her Majesty's Finest.

Wish to meet and team up with other film makers with short film, feature, doco and tv development projects. Assist with directing, producing, editing, creative and the like.

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