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My name is Agus Verrastro. I was born in Tucumán, Argentina. I spent most of my life in Buenos Aires. That is where I first began to play around with graphics and  illustration, and later, seduced by the allure of motion graphics and video.

I came to Barcelona on holiday, feeling happy and at ease in the city. I decided to stay.

I advanced first from designer to junior art director, and then from art director to director.

I founded the motion graphics studio AÄB with two friends, Nico and Chini. There I was able to develop my interest in the moving image. Then started directing at BOOLAB were I had the chance to start playing with better and bigger projects. I worked as a director for well known brands as Tropicana, Nestle, Dewars, Vueling, Ford, VW, Mondadori, etc.

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