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Eelco 'Billy' van Baarle is an allround designer with experience in the field of animation, illustration, graphic design, motion design, interactivity, webdesign. All disciplines are used with a focus on concept and corporate identity. A guy called Billy wants to make his mark in the field of design by using a Rock 'N' Roll kind of approach.., start right at the base be fully comitted and go all the way. Don't be distracted by what others do, because that's not automatically the right thing. Dare to be different and believe in yourself! A guy called Billy always strives to stand out of the crowd, but always keep the clients interests at heart.
Billy has worked for; D.E.P.T, TDK, KLM, Inti Knitwear, G4S, Addy van den Krommenacker, Philips, Pro Sport etc.

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