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Established in 1989, AIESEC MEDINA is one of the 8 local committees in Tunisia. It is located in the Higher School of Trade (ESC) at the university campus of Manouba.
What makes the difference between MEDINA and the others local committees, is that its members are not only students in economic sciences, but also students specialized in sciences of data processing and multi-media arts.

AIESEC is the biggest organisation run by Students from different backgrounds (Economy, Computing, Marketing, Design...).

AIESEC's Vision is Peace and fulfilment of humankind's potential.
You can join AIESEC Medina's Activities by participating to international internships and/or having access to Leadership positions...

AIESEC Medina's
AIESEC Medina's Official Website:
AIESEC Medina's Official French Blog:
AIESEC Medina's Official English Blog: Coming Soon

Here you can speak with Both English And French.
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