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  1. tiger in a jar

    tiger in a jar PRO


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    Tiger in a Jar is a film production company run by husband and wife team Matt and Julie Walker, located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their work is inspired by everyday life and the joy found in simple but meaningful activities. www.tigerinajar.com

  2. The Mill

    The Mill Plus LDN / NY / LA / CHI


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    The Mill is a visual effects and content creation studio collaborating on VFX, digital and design projects for the advertising, games and music industries. We partner with the world’s best agencies, groundbreaking directors, creative firms and visionary brands. We have over 25 years of insight…

  3. OFFF, let's feed the future

    OFFF, let's feed the future PRO Barcelona


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    OFFF is an entity in continuous transformation, alive and evolutionary. More than a decade ago, it was born as a post-digital culture festival; a meeting place to host contemporary creation through an in depth programme of conferences, workshops and performances by the most relevant artists of our time. OFFF…

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