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VJ AINEKO was first introduced to vj-ing through a workshop by Visual Sensation. This was the perfect way to combine her own animations and her love for oldschool cartoons, Japanese animation, music and dance. At the end of 2007, she met VJ Supreme Cuisine.
He thought her style fit SEEN: Visual Music a monthly club event in the Amsterdam based club Paradiso. Now she is their residence VJ. Ever since VJ AINEKO has been blooming and is now, besides SEEN, performing at various clubs and festivals throughout the Netherlands and abroad.

In 2009 during VJ Fest in Istanbul, Turkey VJ AINEKO had a great time performing with VJ's LotteZ, Polly Pastis & PixeLady. They started a All Female VJ Collective called GEEKS on HEELS. The have performed at events like Rooms of Redbull, Zonde! at Paradiso and Lovedance on World AIDS Night in Paradiso.

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